About Us

Based in San Diego, California, PandaOptical™ is a burgeoning sunglasses start-up, thriving on two fundamental pillars – superior quality and affordability. Our passionate founding team, made up of bright, inventive engineers and designers, are speaking directly to the uncompromising individual who appreciates innovative designs and distinct aesthetics.

We is more than just a start-up; it’s a passionate collaboration between top-rated designers and manufacturers who are driven to constantly innovate. We aim to provide our customers with sunglasses that not only protect but also add a splash of personality, providing a unique statement about who they are.

While our roots are in sunny San Diego, PandaOptical™ has a global vision. We are committed to shipping our well-crafted sunglasses all over the globe, extending our reach and sharing our ideas with the world. We believe in the combination of unique design and serious eye protection, striving to make these accessible to everyone, everywhere.

At PandaOptical™, we care about more than just the bottom line. Our collaborative team of engineers and designers value the connections we create with our customers and partners, and we strive to offer exceptional service, unbeatable prices, and uniquely sophisticated designs.

We’re embarking on a mission to challenge the belief that style should be expensive. With our creative and passionate team steering the way, PandaOptical™ is determined to introduce a constantly evolving line of sunglasses that beautifully blend fashion with function. As a start-up, our journey has just started, but our commitment to quality and affordability remains undeterred. Together we strive to keep a keen eye on the ever-changing trends in the eyewear industry and cater to our global customer base’s dynamic needs. At PandaOptical™, we’re turning designs into reality, one pair of sunglasses at a time.